Private Parties

Some of our customers have asked if we can accommodate  celebrations/parties/small wedding functions here at Oldstone. YES we can – but there are limitations. After all we are a busy restaurant and we can’t keep closing! So contact us here at Oldstone and we’ll see what we can do. A local couple held a Ruby Wedding Anniversary here in July 2012. Here, in their words, is a flavour of what is possible.

“We wanted an informal celebration for friends at a local restaurant and as we already enjoyed eating at Oldstone, it was a natural choice. The fact that our Ruby anniversary was on a Sunday, was fortunate as the restaurant is normally closed.
We wanted a dairy free menu with a chocolate pudding,  no problem!
We wanted a pescaterian menu, with a touch of meat, simple said Mike!
We wanted to taste and choose suitable wine – that’s a good idea said Hilary!
We wanted about 30 guests – seating for 24 in the restaurant said Mike!
Whatever we wanted was possible.
We ended up with 38 people – no problem if it’s sunny – this is July 2012 – it was a fabulous day and almost everybody was outside all the time. Our three course menu was cooked to perfection and was enjoyed by everyone. The wines and soft drinks were spot on, so was the endless supply of chilled water. The party started at 12.30 and people were drifting away at about 5.00 pm – it was relaxed and very enjoyable.

Mike and Hilary helped us to create the perfect celebration of 40 years of marriage – thank you both very much. It’s not just our opinion – you should see the comments in our thank you cards about Oldstone – absolutely brilliant”

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