Weekend menu – 26 / 27 October 2018

Every Tuesday morning between 6.30 and 7.30 some chap wanders round town wafting one of those annoying petrol leaf blowers. The object is to blow any leaves and debris in to the street before the road sweeping wagon comes through and sucks it all up. In reality he ends up blowing muck in to all the shop doorways and on to window ledges as well as waking up any town centre residents still in bed. This week he didn’t show up so after the road sweeper had gone through we were left with pristine streets but pavements carpeted in fallen leaves. You may have seen a lot of local business folk pushing brooms on Tuesday morning.


Dinner                           Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2018

Three courses £30      Two courses £25.50


Roasted red pepper soup

Devon crab and smoked salmon parcel, lemon dill dressing

Warm blue cheese tart with mixed tomato and red onion salad

Crayfish tail and spiced avocado tian, sweet chilli jam

Garlic marinated chicken skewer on tabbouleh salad


Poached salmon supreme, baby leaf spinach, mild curry cream

Seared swordfish steak with Sicilian style lemon and herb dressing

Roast Barbary duck breast sliced over braised red cabbage and Port jus

Sautéed Cotswold pork escallops, chorizo and paprika cream sauce

Aged local beef fillet “au poivre” (£3.50 supplement – sorry)

Autumn mushroom risotto, soft herbs, Parmesan and truffle oil


Dark chocolate and salty caramel tart with ice cream

Baked cheesecake with blueberry compote

Moist Tunisian almond cake, tangy orange sorbet

Four West Country cheeses, Bath Olivers and Hilary’s fruit bread



Food allergens – if you require more information regarding the ingredients in our dishes please ask

Other vegetarian choices are always available               Saturday brunch served from 11 till 3



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