Oldstone dinner menu – weekend 4 & 5 April 2014

It’s been one of those weeks so far……meat fridge broke down, Sky box playing up ( and the help desk are a waste of a phone call ! ) split my head open on a low shelf, the plumber is being elusive whilst the wash up sinks need urgent attention and now the Sahara dust cloud is heading our way.How does that song go…….”things can only get better”…

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th April 2014

Three courses £29
Two courses £24.50
English tomato soup
Pan fried Cornish mackerel fillet, red onion and cucumber pickle
Roasted peppers and Serrano ham on toasted baton
Devon crab, prawn and crayfish tail “cocktail”
Wild rocket and Feta cheese salad, pitta croutons, lemon dressing
South coast gurnard fillet, tandoori spices, scallion and tomato
Fillet of Poole harbour brill, watercress and white wine cream
Seven spiced Barbary duck breast on dark soy and ginger jus
Aged local beef fillet, 5 valleys wild garlic pesto and a rich red wine reduction £3.50 supplement – sorry!
Cotswold pork escalopes, buttered Evesham leeks, mustard gravy
Chestnut mushroom Stroganoff with red, white and wild rice
Baked cinnamon apple cheesecake, clotted cream ice cream
Limoncello tiramisu with lemon sorbet
Warm white chocolate and raspberry brownie
Four west country cheeses, Bath Olivers and Hilary’s fruit bread


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