This weekends dinner menu – Oldstone – 11&12 May 2012

Just spoke to the fish supplier…arriving in the morning will be Cornish cod cheeks (sweet and succulent), Mackerel caught from two rowing boats off Chesil beach in Dorset (can’t wait!), Brill from Brixham (I know we had it on the menu last weekend but it was lovely and supports the British skippers), and some Welsh sea bass.

                    Got some more smashing, jumbo Wye valley asparagus this morning……a bit on the pricey side but many of the fields are waterlogged and it has to be cut by hand. So much for that telly chef from up north who reckons it is 90p a bunch at the moment….dream on! (I did see a bunch of 6 muddy, medium sized sticks in the supermarket but even they were 2 quid!)



Friday 11th & Saturday 12th May 2012


Three courses £28

Two courses £23.50


Butternut squash soup

Cornish cod cheeks with red onion and chorizo

Wye valley asparagus wrapped in proscuito and dry roasted

Pan fried Chesil beach mackerel fillet, Jersey Royal potato salad and dill mustard crème fraiche

Slow roasted tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil crostini


Poached Brixham brill fillet, prawns and Champagne cream

Fillet of sea bass with soy, ginger and spring onion

Cotswold pork tenderloin with chestnut mushroom sauce

Roast Barbary duck breast, roast pineapple, peppercorn jus

Aged local beef fillet, baked baby onion and rich Port reduction      £3 supplement – sorry!

Baharat spiced aubergine and chick pea stew with red, white and wild rice


Light lemon mousse, lemon sorbet and shortbread

Baked cheesecake with English strawberries

Dark chocolate and salty caramel tart, clotted cream ice cream

Four west country cheeses, Bath Olivers and Hilary’s fruit bread




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